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Grafana Chartwerk Panel (beta)


Grafana Chartwerk Panel renders metrics using Chartwerk libraries. For now, it can render as Gauge. We are working on adding new visualizations.



  • 3 types of visualizations:
    • Gauge
    • Line Chart (coming soon)
    • Bar Chart (coming soon)
  • Gauge: dynamic thresholds and min / max
  • Gauge: conditional icons displaying
  • Gauge: reversed direction

How to use

  1. Create a new panel and select Chartwerk as the visualization
  2. Add queries with unique aliases
  3. Go to the Options Tab and setup panel:
  • Choose visualization type
  • Select metric in the Value -> Metric dropdown (by default, the first metric is used)


see demo

Options [Gauge]

  • Visualization:
    • Pod: option to select chart type
  • Value:
    • Metric: select metric query from dropdown
  • Extemum:
    • Min:
      • type number for static minimum value OR
      • enable "Use metric" toggle switch to select metric as minimun
      • default value: 0
    • Max:
      • type number for static maximum OR
      • enable "Use metric" toggle switch to select metric as maximum
      • default value: maximum of metric query


Linux / Mac OS X

  • Navigate to either:

    • <GRAFANA_PATH>/data/plugins (when installed from tarball or source)
    • or /var/lib/grafana/plugins (when installed from .deb/.rpm package)
  • Download Chartwerk panel

  • Unpack downloaded files
unzip -u -d corpglory-chartwerk-panel
  • Restart grafana-server
    • For grafana installed via Standalone Linux Binaries:
      • Stop any running instances of grafana-server
      • Start grafana-server by: $GRAFANA_PATH/bin/grafana-server
    • For grafana installed via Package Manager:
      • type in systemctl restart grafana-server

Grafana in Docker

You can install Chartwerk panel to Grafana in Docker passing it as environment variable (as described in Grafana docs)

docker run \
  -p 3000:3000 \
  -e "GF_INSTALL_PLUGINS=;corpglory-chartwerk-panel" \