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rozetko f2d59b56d1 Merge pull request 'update `analytics` submodule url' (#1) from update-analytics-submodule-url into master 1 year ago
rozetko abd183bb05 update `analytics` submodule url 1 year ago
glitch4347 d4ae9e4a0b
Update README.md 2 years ago
glitch4347 59380c0eea
Update README.md 2 years ago
rozetko 98e45d5670
Merge pull request #948 from mstapfner/bgfx-typescript-compilation 2 years ago
ga63fuv 50a4b3e297 typescript bugfix & adjusted requirements version 2 years ago
rozetko c8c3b223a3
Merge pull request #945 from hastic/fix-build-errors 2 years ago
rozetko 1654199048 use proper id type in requests 2 years ago
rozetko e5017924c3 filter more build warnings 2 years ago
rozetko ece873ade2 freeze mongodb version so that it doesn't depend on `mongodb-client-encryption` 2 years ago
rozetko bfee62daf2 fix typescript errors 2 years ago
rozetko 6a8ce48565 update typescript 2 years ago
rozetko 85f6c3158c
Bump version to 0.5.1 (#942) 3 years ago
rozetko 027ecc762b
Slack: support images in alerts #801 (#941) 3 years ago
rozetko 711322192f
Fix anomaly detector webhooks (#940) 3 years ago
Coin de Gamma 5da190ed14
Update hastic-server.spec 3 years ago
Coin de Gamma d79fcd4db8
Update package.json 3 years ago
Coin de Gamma 0113772017
Update LICENSE 3 years ago
rozetko bc6f26f4b5
Single RPM version for all node versions since 6.14 (#935) 3 years ago
rozetko f3e80dd94c
Bump version to 0.5.0 (#934) 3 years ago
Dmitry Nalobin d106094164
.env.example with variables documentation (#931) 3 years ago
Dmitry Nalobin aef1c8363d
Change grafana-datasource-kit library to tsdb-kit (#932) 3 years ago
rozetko 5e1230715e
Bump version to 0.4.0 (#929) 3 years ago
Coin de Gamma dcf5b597f2
Update README.md 3 years ago
rozetko 765cfc7710
upd analytics (#924) 3 years ago
rozetko e12a9b2fa5
Fix Docker build (#923) 3 years ago
Coin de Gamma 634edf69d2
update analytics gti rev (#922) 3 years ago
rozetko 85f88e2f13
Configurable logging level hastic/analytics#19 (#921) 3 years ago
mattchaley 1b4453ef53
update readme (#920) 3 years ago
Coin de Gamma 51de6d4244
Create FUNDING.yml 3 years ago
rozetko 0e940115a8
Remove deasync lib #829 (#915) 3 years ago
rozetko 65f77676c2
Abstract class for db connector #906 (#908) 3 years ago
Coin de Gamma b3fee5807a
rm getGitInfo() from config.ts (#905) 3 years ago
Coin de Gamma 1b4bb20d7b
rm rest.md (#904) 3 years ago
Coin de Gamma 643ce1a212
Unfriendly crash with missing hastic api key #899 (#901) 3 years ago
corpglory-dev 7d9a217596
Move analytics to hastic/analytics repo (#890) 3 years ago
Alexander Velikiy df41f4b7c4
Fix analytic model tester tool (#885) 4 years ago
Alexander Velikiy b53b49dcf7
Refactoring of Jump and Drop models (#865) 4 years ago
rozetko 8d5d0815fb
Fix RPM build: use PyInstaller 3.4 (#876) 4 years ago
rozetko 22e8cc00fc
Bump version to 0.3.9 (#875) 4 years ago
rozetko abb73944ec
Panel export: change IDs #841 (#861) 4 years ago
rozetko d0f241bb15
Fix docker issues (#873) 4 years ago
rozetko 45dc3f22b9
Websocket connectivity between server and analytics (#814) 4 years ago
jonyrock-back 3f30c218c4
Generic node production build (#869) 4 years ago
Alexander Velikiy f98ac05ad8
Rename modules and types (#860) 4 years ago
jonyrock-back 0d89346be8
Travis node 6.14 build & fxs (#864) 4 years ago
jonyrock-back cb50796209
npm run build-614 (#862) 4 years ago
Alexander Velikiy 5c500c02a1
Remove serialized types (#857) 4 years ago
jonyrock-back 190005184c
better nodemon usage #851 (#852) 4 years ago
jonyrock-back 09788eb0dd
correct error handling in exitHandler #853 (#854) 4 years ago