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Grafana Data Exporter

Server for fetching data from Grafana datasources. You would you use it:

  1. To export your metrics on a big range
  2. To migrate from one datasource to another

Getting Started




wget -O grafana-data-exporter.tar.gz
tar -zxvf grafana-data-exporter.tar.gz


  • node dist/server.js



  • docker pull corpglory/grafana-data-exporter


docker run -d \
--restart always \
--name grafana-data-exporter \
-p 8000:8000 \

Support and Consulting

Commercial support, professional services or any help — send us your inquiry at

About CorpGlory Inc.

Grafana Data Exporter is developed by CorpGlory Inc., a company which provides high quality software development, data visualization, Grafana and monitoring consulting.