Hastic standalone https://hastic.io
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Hastic needs Prometheus or InfluxDB instance for getting metrics.

Build from source (Linux)


  1. Install cargo (required version: >=1.49)
  2. Install node.js >=10.x
  3. Install yarn
  4. Install x86_64-unknown-linux-musl: rustup target add x86_64-unknown-linux-musl
  5. musl-tools: sudo apt install musl-tools




Hastic can be configured using config-file or environment variables.

At first, choose which datasource you'll be using: prometheus or influx. Only one can be used at a time.


  • copy the config example to the release directory:
cp config.example.toml release/config.toml
  • edit the config file, e.g. using nano:
nano release/config.toml

Environment variables

All config fields are also available as environment variables with HASTIC_ prefix

Variable name structure:

  • for high-level fields: HASTIC_<field_name>, e.g. HASTIC_PORT
  • for nested fields: HASTIC_<category_name>__<field_name>, e.g. HASTIC_PROMETHEUS__URL

Environment variables can be set either by exporting them (they'll be actual until a bash-session is closed):

export HASTIC_PORT=8000
export HASTIC_PROMETHEUS__URL=http://localhost:9090
export HASTIC_PROMETHEUS__QUERY=rate(go_memstats_alloc_bytes_total[5m])

or specifing them in a run command (they'll be actual only for one run):

HASTIC_PORT=8000 HASTIC_PROMETHEUS__URL=http://localhost:9090 HASTIC_PROMETHEUS__QUERY=rate(go_memstats_alloc_bytes_total[5m]) ./release/hastic


cd release

open http://localhost:4347 in browser